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As the Information Technology advanced in recent years, we have decided to make the first step to ease the consumer's buying process. We see this as our responsibility to enhance our customer's unique, convenient and informative buying experience. This is important to enhance the consumer's lifestyle quality, whereby they can purchase the daily necessities online hassle free.

iBuy is the subsidiary  E-Commerce platform under Coffee Tree that provide the connection for sellers to sell as well as for buyers to purchase. We focus at the convenient web navigation, user friendly purchase system to ease every buyer's purchasing experience. Also, iBuy gives extra attention at quality of the products sold in our platform. We have our strict process and audit system to ensure that the products we are selling are verify at the top quality. All of the certificates mentioned are verified and guarantee the authenticity of our products.

We are progressively to improve at our management and production quality to thank and appreciate the constant support from all of our valuable customers.

All in all, we are looking forward in providing a user-friendly, greatly convenient and quality e-shopping platform for our users.

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iBuy Worldwide Sdn Bhd (1252952-D)

20A Jalan Bagan Jermal,Georgetown 10250 Jalan Bagan Jermal,Georgetown,Penang. 

Tel No: 6013- 521 1699

Fax: 604-227 1699

Customer Service: 6013- 521 1699


E-mail: enquiries@ibuy.my