CC-Caramel Coco
CARAMEL COCOHot chocolate with caramel flavor , a significantly different taste .热巧克力加焦糖 , 味道显著不同CER..
COCOCINOThe original taste of hot chocolate beverage .原汁原味的巧克力饮品CERTIFICATIONSINGREDIENTNon Dairy Cr..
CC-Coconut Coco
COCONUT COCOHot chocolate drink with coconut flavor , a taste of the tropic .热巧克力加上椰子口味 , 清新热带的味道CER..
CC-Hazelnut Coco
HAZELNUT COCOHot chocolate drink with hazelnut flavor , a healthy drink .热巧克力与榛果口味 , 健康的饮料CERTIFICAT..
CC-Honey Coco
HONEY COCOHot chocolate drink with honey flavor , suitable for the family .热巧克力加上蜂蜜口味 , 大小皆宜CERTIFIC..
CC-Mango Coco
MANGO COCOHot chocolate drink with mango flavor , a different aroma .热巧克力与芒果口味 , 香气逼人CERTIFICATIONSI..
CC-Minty Coco
MINTY COCOHot chocolate drink with mint , a taste above .热巧克力与薄荷口味 , 不同层次的感觉CERTIFICATIONSINGREDIENT..
CC-Orange Coco
ORANGE COCOHot chocolate drink with orange flavor , a different aroma .热巧克力与香橙口味 , 香气逼人CERTIFICATION..
CC-Strawberry Coco
STRAWBERRY COCOHot chocolate with strawberry , all times favorite .热巧克力加草莓 , 每个人的最爱CERTIFICATIONSING..
CC-Vanilla Coco
VANILLA COCOHot chocolate with vanilla , a very soothing flavor .热巧克力加香草 , 非常纾解的味道CERTIFICATIONSINGR..
CT1-CBB-B-Benito Mint & Bitter Box
Packing Size180gHalal CertifiedYESIngredient Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Full Cream..
CT1-CBB-B-Benito Strawberry Box
Packing Size180gHalal CertifiedYESIngredient White Chocolate (98%) (Full Cream Milk Powd..
CT1-CBB-CB-Benito Hazelnut Milk Choc Box
Packing Size180gHalal CertifiedYESIngredient Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Full Cream Milk Powder, ..
CT1-CBB-CB-Benito Macadamia Milk Choc Box
Packing Size180gHalal CertifiedYESIngredientSugar, Cocoa Mass, Macadamia Nuts, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa ..
CT1-CBB-CF-Benito Cappuccino Choc Box
Packing Size180gHalal CertifiedYESIngredient Full Cream Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Lacto..
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