CT2-DF-Dried Guava
Packing Size450gHalal CertifiedYESIngredientSliced Guava, Sugar and Permitted Food Conditioner...
CT2-DF-Dried Kiwi
Packing Size450gHalal CertifiedYESIngredientFresh Kiwi, Sugar, Salt and Permitted Flavouring...
CT2-DF-Dried Papaya
Packing Size450gHalal CertifiedYESIngredientPapaya, Sugar, Salt and Permitted Flavouring and Colouri..
CT2-DF-Dried Pineapple
Packing Size450gHalal CertifiedYESIngredientSliced Pineapple Core, Sugar, Citric Acid and Permitted ..
DF-Dried Ginger
CERTIFICATIONSINGREDIENTDehydrated Ginger, Sugar, Salt and Permitted Flavouring.PACKING SIZE450g..
DF-Dried Mango
CERTIFICATIONSINGREDIENTMango, Sugar, Citric Acid and Permitted Colouring.PACKING SIZE450g..
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